Patterns vs. AntiPatterns: A Method to Enhance Your IT Stability

A Standardised Method That Also Works for Your Company

Reliable operations and the avoidance of major incidents – this is a company’s key requirement of its IT infrastructure. IT stability is a prerequisite for the smooth functioning of critical business processes.
At the same time, due to an increasing cost pressure, more and more is demanded of the IT. Permanent change, however, is a great risk for the IT’s stability: development may cost next to nothing, operations less and less. Astabilitypproved tools and measures, like the use of Best Practices, a standardisation of the IT landscape, and solid architectural parameters no longer are enough. What is asked for today is a new, methodical approach to enhance IT stability.

The Pattern/Antipattern Method
Wouldn’t you like to tackle the problem at its roots? To establish an effective stability culture within your IT teams and at your suppliers’?

The patterns vs. antipatterns method is a systematic approach to continually improve IT stability which has already proven its value.