Business Software in Motorsports

Article in the Online Edition of “Mobile Business”

– Entitled ‘Big Data als Performance-Kicker im Motorsport’ (Big Data as a Performance Booster in Motor Sports), the current issue of the German “Mobile Business” magazine features an article which illustrates how by the systematic use of IT, performance in motor sports can be significantly enhanced and optimised.

Our expert, Axel von Dielingen, provides some details on the topic: how a “simple” Porsche is being converted into a mobile end device, and how ordinary business software provides valuable information for both the drivers and the technicians – and, of course, in no time at all; because speed matters, not only on the circuit.

As the ADAC GT Masters racing series allows no telemetry, the real-time transfer of vehicle data to the pit, it is of utmost importance that the data collected on-board is available for analyses immediately after a qualifying session or a race. This means: high-speed transfer of very large quantities of data, and evaluation methods to highlight the strong and weak points of both vehicle and driver, with this directly depicting the potential for enhancement.

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IT Service Management to Go – GW IT at the ITSM Autumn Symposium

GW IT with a lecture at the symposium ‘IT Service and Business Management & Cloud Computing’

– On September 26, the 23rd Autumn Symposium on ‘IT Service and Business Service Management’ is going to take place in Vienna, Austria – this year complemented by the application area cloud computing. With the key aspect ‘Asset Management and Mobility’, the congress provides an outline of what the going mobile of more and more applications and services demands of today’s service management, and how this challenge can be met.
So, our contributor’s lecture on ‘IT Service Management for Smart Phones and Tablet Computers’ precisely hits the nail on the head: Axel von Dielingen is going to depict approaches for tackling the crucial points of mobile service management. From architectural design through development and implementation strategies for new apps to automated quality management and uninterrupted operations monitoring – by means of concrete case examples, he’ll illustrate how a modern IT service management “to go” can look like.
ITSM Symposium 2014

Best Management Practice 2014: A Different Kind of Congress Participation

IT Quality on the BMP Congress#14: A Different Kind of Congress Participation by GW IT

How does one get the participants of a congress to take an interest in pretty uninspiring topics, like IT quality and stability, or end-to-end performance, when motivational strategies, playful learning, and personal networking are the focus of attention?

The Best Management Practice Congress (, 2014 held in the middle of the wonderful park of Bad Neuenahr, is an event that stands out from the mass of conferences around IT service management because of inspiring moments, unconventional ideas, and a consequent thinking outside the box.

So, the challenge was to present the benefits of perfomance optimisation, IT quality enhancement, an effective troubleshooting, and the efficient implementation oThe GT3 Racing Car Arrivesf stability patterns in a broader way than only through a fair stand, lectures, product demos, and talks with customers and interested parties. GW IT solved this task with two lectures that were anything but commonplace, and a demonstration of how in motorsports, performance can be optimised by the IT – a particular highlight since the illustrative object was a professional racing car: the GW IT Racing Team’s winning car, fresh from the double victory at the ADAC GT Masters races in Zandvoort, NL. This way the congress participants had the chance to not only get information on how to achieve performance optimisation and IT quality enhancement, but also experience the issues ‘at the living object’ – an offer that was taken with much enthusiasm.

Performance Optimisation – in the Halls as Well as Outside
Stand No. 23Starting on Wednesday morning, GW IT at our stand could provide interested people with information on our current product portfolio and talk about upcoming projects and challenges.
At our live demo stations, we showed how INFRA-XS® InSight can provide valuable insights in IT performance, and which possibilities for business analyses our newly introduced software, QMON/Pro, offers with regard to big, complex data.

What we also showed at our stand was brand-new footage of the successful racing weekend in Zandvoort; and outside the halls, Niko Wiegel and Axel von Dielingen provided interesting and exciting details on the inner workings of a GT3 racing car.
Come and Have a LookTouching Expressly Welcomed

Thursday – GW IT’s Lecture Day
Axel von Dielingen at the Lectern
For the GW IT staff, the congress with its interesting and up-to-date lectures was an ideal opportunity to catch up on the current situation in and around IT service management.

Axel von Dielingen, in addition to his scheduled lecture on “Gaps in Service Management of Smartphones and Tablet PCs”, spontaneously took over when another speaker dropped out. This ‘gap’ he filled with an entertaining presentation on the topic “IT in Motion – Software in Motorsports” – in front of a large number of motorsport aficionados, he depicted some interesting aspects regarding the synergies between IT and motorsports.

Lottery of VIP Tickets a Great Success
At the congress, the participants could take part in a lottery, with the chance to win 5×2 VIP tickets for an ADAC GT Masters race at the Nürburgring or at the Hockenheimring, or the top prize: two rides in a racing taxi. More than 80 persons threw their business cards into our lottery boxes – thank you very much for your participation.

At the closing event, on Friday, we could draw the winners and congratulate them on the spot. We are looking forward to an exciting day at the races with them.
The Winners of the VIP Tickets for the ADAC GT Masters Race at the Hockenheimring, with Axel von Dielingen

GW IT at Best Management Practice Congress 2014

We are glad to take part in this year’s

Best Management Practice Congress

from May 14 to 16 in Bad Neuenahr as an exhibitor and a contributor as well.

Best Management Practice Congress 2014
Under the title Objective Key Performance Indicators for a Real Control of IT Quality and Stability! we will inform you about new approaches and functions in the field of end-to-end monitoring.

GW-TEL INFRA-XS is a complete software suite for a comprehensive performance monitoring and service level management. Applying innovative methods, INFRA-XS monitors your entire IT from end user, business process, and infrastructure perspectives. With its flexible and modular architecture, INFRA-XS ensures a consistent generation, processing, and assessment of monitoring data.

Monitoring IT Services in Middleware and Service Bus Architectures – Next Generation Monitoring

GW-TEL QMON/PRO is a tool suite dedicated to assist you in the setup and operation of a central analysis and simulation environment for the definition and maintenance of an objective information base for individual or proprietary monitoring solutions in the field of EAI environments and the enterprise service bus.

Smartphone, Tablet, and Mobile Apps — Mobile Strategies for Service Management

You as yet haven’t got a mobile strategy regarding service management? We would like to assist you in designing an individual mobile strategy – from counsel on the appropriate architecture, to development and implementation strategies for new apps, to an automated quality management and a permanent operational monitoring with our new monitoring tool for mobile environments.

We would be pleased to welcome you at our stand 23.

GW IT Joins bwcon

As a leading economic initiative for the promotion of the innovation and high-tech location Baden-Wurttemberg, bwcon unites more than 600 corporations and research institutions, with a total of over 5,500 experts.


By joining the bwcon network GW IT has broadened its cooperation base and, as a new member, is looking forward to interesting events and presentations. But we also mean to play an active part in work groups and so contribute to the success of this networking concept.

bwcon logo

Research Cooperation Between GW IT and kips

GW IT and the Konstanz institute für process control (Konstanzer Institut für Prozesssteuerung – kips) form research cooperation to develop new methods for the analysis of realtime key performance indicators (KPIs) of end-to-end-based business processes

The IT-supported provision of services has already gained a major importance and proved its benefit in numerous application domains – mainly in big corporations. The fundamental objective is to support agile processes which on the basis of real-time KPIs adjust themselves to the surrounding conditions. Within this general goal, a still unresolved area of conflict can be identified which is what actually motivated and informed the cooperation: bridging the gap between the assessment of the process performance on the one hand and the technical monitoring of the used IT infrastructure on the other.

The pkips-logoroject partners, GW IT and the research group at kips, supplement each other ideally because of their complementary expertise. While the research work at kips focusses on the regulation and control of processes via key indicators like process costs or process quality, GW IT has well-founded project knowledge related to the technical monitoring of IT infrastructures, with key indicators like availability or throughput.

The GW IT-Qualitätssicherungsgesellschaft mbH (“GW IT”) is a medium-sized provider of solutions with a long-term implementation expertise, well-proven in a lot of successful projects. The profound knowledge the staff has acquired over the years covers many fields – from business service management through IT quality management to IT stability. Besides, the GW IT experts can boast with an exhaustive know-how in the conception and implementation of business-wide IT service strategies based on technical monitoring events.

Prof. Dr. Marco Mevius is the holder of the research-focussed W3 professorship for Process Modelling and Optimisation at the Computer Sciences faculty of the University for Applied Sciences of Konstanz, Germany. He is head of the Konstanz Institute for Process Control ( Prior to his appointment he worked as a member of the Management Board at the computer sciences research center (FZI) of the University of Karlsruhe. What Prof. Mevius brings to the planned venture is an extensive, long-term experience in the implementation and management of joint projects. He has comprehensive knowledge and know-how regarding semantic modelling and the corresponding analysis of processes on the basis of key indicators, as well as the design and implementation of software systems.

Racing Meets IT – GW IT Racing // Schütz Motorsport Team

More than Sponsoring – Experiences of a Partnership in the ADAC GT Masters Series

It began two years ago in a draughty trailer at the Hockenheimring racing circuit, when some IT specialists who were also keen on racing met two young professional race drivers and an ambitioned motorsports team. This encounter within two weeks led to the founding of the racing team Geyer & Weinig EDV-Unternehmensberatung // Schütz Motorsport, and to the unexpected nomination of the driver pairing Nick Tandy/Christian Engelhart for the ADAC GT Masters Series 2012.

The expectations were not all too high; the greater was the surprise when the team – in their very first year – narrowly missed the championship. Beside the intensity brought in the fight for points and wins, this success can also be attributed to a great passion in analysing the race data and jazzing up the performance of the car. From this, a real partnership between motorsports and IT originated.

Two Years of Ups and Downs in Professional Motorsports

The season 2012 started with a bang: in the second race at the debut weekend in Oschersleben, Nick Tandy and Christian Engelhart from starting position 5 made it to the podium. Passionate position fights by Nick Tandy at the beginning, and a tenacious defense of the leading position by Christian Engelhart right until the end – a spectacle as exciting as it could get for the audience at the circuit and at home in front of their TV sets. What could not be seen on television was the commitment behind the scenes: three days and two nights long the team analysed and optimised setup and performance of the car – the combination of motorsports and IT expertise was what tipped the scales.

After a lporsche_gwit_h255engthy lean spell GW & Schütz, with a win at the Red Bull Ring and a double at the Lausitzring, were able to achieve the lead in the standings – and very nearly won the championship too, missed only by a hair’s breadth.
The season 2013, in comparison, was so-so. At the first race, Christian Engelhart started from P2 and immediately after the start took the lead – only to be spun around by his pursuer in the very first turn. This scene became symptomatic for the entire season: a multitude of problems, due to others’ as well as the team’s own faults, characterised the following races. The only highlight was at the Sachsenring – actually no typical Porsche circuit – where the team unexpectedly came in second. This was in the first race; in the second the black-yellow Porsche came in third, but lost this position because of a time penalty.
2013 is off the table, shortly the team goes for the ADAC GT Masters series’ new season – this time true to the motto ‘make-or-break’: from now on, the field of competitors will have to keep an eye on even two yellow-black Porsche 911 GT3 R cars. The team – with its experienced staff, but under a new name: GW IT Racing // Schütz Motorsport – wants to prove again that the partnership between motorsports and IT can be a fruitful one, hopefully crowned with a success in the championship at last.

Performance and Quality – the Common Ground for Motorsports and IT

A top performance – that’s what’s the basis for wins in motorsports as well as for the functioning of complex IT infrastructures. IT quality means a high stability even under stress – on the racing circuit as well as in business-critical IT applications.

Monitoring, vRace-XS: Progress of the Raceisualisation, analytics, and enhancement: that’s the core competence of GW IT – in the IT but also in motorsports. In large corporate networks the software INFRA-XS® by GW IT within seconds warns you whenever the IT support of critical business processes no longer is at its optimum. Much similar to motorsports, where the issues are also the missing tenths and the identification of problems on the car under a high pressure of time.

The Analytics Platform Race-XS

Even before the racing season started, both partners knew well enough that what would be a crucial factor for success was not only the capability of the drivers and a sound material base, but also the detailed knowledge of the strong and weak points in the performance of the team itself as well as of the competitors.

So, on the basis of the proprietary standard software GW-TEL® Analytics, GW IT developed the tool Race-XS, dedicated to evaluate and analyse race times and performance data. The underlying tool family’s normal field of application is the monitoring and increasement of response times of critical business processes and large IT applications. Used in motorsports, it collects telemetry and time-related data and evaluates it, thus identifying potential for performance enhancement and backing up the team’s decisions. Due to the continuous input of racing and sector times from various racing series, it is possible to gain useful insights regarding the strong and weak points the different vehicle types have on the different race courses – some valuable knowledge for the planning of the new season’s strategy.

During the racing weekends the team utilises the permanent real-time analysis of race time data, taken in training and qualifying sessions as well as during the Saturday and Sunday races, for the fine-tuning of the vehicle and also for a better assessment of the competitors. An intensive analysis of the data that takes place between races yields additional, valuable results – very useful since the team has only a small budget at its disposal and so isn’t able to perform extra vehicle tests. This disadvantage is – at least to a small amout – compensated by the IT support.

RRace-XS: Analyse der Rundenzeitenace-XS has its strong point in the quick adjustability of analyses, evaluations, and statistical indicators on the basis of race times and vehicles’ detailed data. Together with Schütz Motorsport a set of significant key indicators and intelligent charts have been developed which highlight deviations and provide for comparisons – more and more summarised, through the entire racing series. Through a filtering of the data by separate teams or drivers, direct comparisons with competitors are possible ad hoc. Crucial, partly in-house developed, always up-to-date racing key figures are available; they can be presented in a report that comprises the complete series, for example to show the performance of a particular driver or vehicle. Based on the experience gained during the racing weekends, the platform is being continually enhanced.

End-to-end Monitoring as Outsourcing Solution or in the Cloud?

Outsourcing2End-to-end Monitoring as Outsourcing Solution or in the Cloud?

Our specialised team of operations experts has long-term experience in the outsourced operation of our monitoring solutions.

Optimised workflows, integration in the customer’s change processes, commitment to the highest security standards – these are but a few of the benefits you can profit from by outsourcing your monitoring solution to our data centre.

We would be glad to give you detailed information on the possibilities you have.

Prevention is the Best Crisis Management – Through an Effective Enhancement of IT Stability

Based on the INFRA-XS® product suite and further applications of reputable manufacturers, we offer to implement within your enterprise methods and tools which enable you to view your IT from a business-orientated view.
With our pattern/anti-pattern method for an enhancement of IT stability we give you the key for a substantial stabilisation of your IT application environments at hand.

BMC Middleware Management Solution at Deutsche Telekom AG

As a partner of Deutsche Telekom AG, Geyer & Weinig is engaged in implementing the BMC Middleware Management solution for the company

With the Middleware Monitoring solution implemented, Deutsche Telekom will benefit from a transparent view on its business services, their performance and availability.

The solution provides, inter alia, trends for IT service performance as well as substantiated data for near- and long-term capacity planning, thus reducing the number of costly IT outages caused by capacity bottlenecks.

Interested? Read more in this article on the implementation of the BMC Middleware Management solution for Deutsche Telekom AG by Geyer & Weinig.